Here are raw contact counts matrices after applying our pipeline to the data published in [FIXME add Burton Liachko references] at 10kb. Each data set comprises of two files: a bed file and a matrix file. The matrix file contains the contact count matrix in COO-format (row, column, value), while the bed file contains information on each bin of the matrix: which chromosome the bin belongs to, which locus does it start and where it ends, with the bin number in the last column.

Organism matrix file Bed file Groundtruth
  1. pombe
zP_10000_raw.matrix zP_10000_raw.bed  
  1. rouxii
ZR_10000_raw.matrix ZR_10000_raw.bed  
  1. thermotolerans
KT_10000_raw.matrix KT_10000_raw.bed  
  1. pastoris
KP_10000_raw.matrix KP_10000_raw.bed  
  1. lactis
KL_10000_raw.matrix KL_10000_raw.bed  
  1. klyuveri
LK_10000_raw.matrix LK_10000_raw.bed  
  1. waltii
LW_10000_raw.matrix LW_10000_raw.bed  
  1. wickerhamii
KW_10000_raw.matrix KW_10000_raw.bed  
  1. stipitis
SS_10000_raw.matrix SS_10000_raw.bed  
  1. mikatae
SM_10000_raw.matrix SM_10000_raw.bed  
  1. bayanus
SB_10000_raw.matrix SB_10000_raw.bed  
  1. paradoxus
SP_10000_raw.matrix SP_10000_raw.bed  
  1. gossypii
EG_10000_raw.matrix EG_10000_raw.bed  
  1. kudriavzevii
SK_10000_raw.matrix SK_10000_raw.bed